Group Dynamics Competition


 1.  Professional Activities (35 Marks)

Number of public lectures in the year (at least 2) (5 marks)

Number of Workshops and Seminars in the year (at least six) (12 marks)

Number of Industrial Visits (minimum of 3) (3 marks)

Technical Sessions held (minimum of 5) (5 marks)

Maintenance of a Library (5 marks)

Quality of Presentation (5 marks)


2.  Growth (4 Marks)

Percentage increase in membership over the figure at the end of the previous year. (1 pt. per 2.5 % growth in full membership)


3.  Organization (20 Marks)

  1. Quality and standard of Secretariat maintained
    • Standard of Office (2)
    • No. and quality of secretariat staff (6 marks)
  2. Publishing of Newsletter (at least 4 in a year)  (5 marks)
  3. No. of Executive Committee Meeting held (at least 4 in a year) (2 marks)
  4. No. of Branch meetings in a  year (at least 8) (3 marks)
  5. Submission of Programme of Activities to NSE HQ (2 marks)


4.  Finance (10 Marks)

Submission of Audited Accounts for the immediate preceding financial year. This should be signed by an External Auditor or non-Executive member of the Branch (10 marks)


5. Publicity (9 Marks)

  1. Frequency of positive reporting of the Branch’s activities in the media (3 marks)
  2. Special programmes to encourage Student Members and Young Members (3 marks)
  3. Branches impact on the Government (8 marks)


6.Supports for NSE HQ (22 Marks)

  1. Donation towards or other support for the Society’s activities (5 marks) (N1, 000 to N500, 000)
  2. Attendance at Council meetings (7 marks)
  3. Payment of 5% of proceeds from Workshops (5marks)



Non compliance with above reporting format attract sanctions. Some Branches did not provide verifiable documentary evidence as proof of activities (workshops, seminars, industrial visits, attendance registers etc) taking place while some presented the same evidence for more than one event.

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